Angry Indian

BBQ Boxes


Our Indian Feast Kits are the easiest way to do that.

Everything’s prepared, all you need to do is fire up the barbie or turn on your oven and follow the instructions.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Step one


    Our regular boxes are enough for 4 hungry people. The party boxes are for 8. They don’t include breads or rice because you can either cook them yourself or get them from the shops. It’s not hard.

  2. Step two


    We need 3 days’ notice, and that’s non-negotiable. We don’t have a time-machine and we’re not bloody wizards. Our food takes time to make properly.

  3. Step three


    We’ll give you a delivery slot. Please make sure you’re in so we don’t have to leave your food on your doorstep. No-one wants their cheeky prick of a neighbour/postman/random dog to run off with their food box.’

  4. Step four


    Read the instructions, crack open a beverage and get cooking.

  5. Step five


    Marvel at the aroma of your food. Gasp at the deliciousness of each morsel. Vow never to order another Indian takeaway again.

But Can You Freeze ‘Em?

Yes, you can freeze the food in our feast boxes. In fact, we wholeheartedly recommend you do so. That way you won’t find yourself slipping into the accidental twattishness of ordering a Thursday night curry ever again.


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Regular (serves 4)

Meat Box

£75 + VAT per box

x4 Green Chicken Drumsticks
x8 South Indian Style King Prawn Skewers
x1 ½ Tandoori Leg of Lamb
x4 Tikka Lamb Chops*
x4 Street Corn

*You can substitute for Tikka Tilapia

Party (serves 8)

Meat Box

£140 + VAT per box

x8 Green Chicken Drumsticks
x16 South Indian Style King Prawn Skewers
x1 Tandoori Leg of Lamb
x8 Tikka Lamb Chops*
x8 Street Corn

*You can substitute for Tikka Tilapia

Regular (serves 4)

Veg Box

£55 + VAT per box

x4 Green Tofu Steaks
x8 Chili Paneer Kebabs
x1 Tandoori Cauliflower
x4 Tikka ‘Chicken’ (soya) Skewers
x4 Street Corn

Party (serves 8)

Veg Box

£100 + VAT per box

x8 Green Tofu Steaks
x16 Chili Paneer Kebabs
x2 Tandoori Cauliflower
x8 Tikka ‘Chicken’ (soya) Skewers
x8 Street Corn